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2006-12-23 - 1:51 a.m.


Holy crap Iím tired.

I just finished unloading the trailer. At night, in the rain.

Not that it would have mattered much as it rained all day long, but during the day I was cleaning out our fridge for the second time. In the rain.

Two pennsics ago Duke power was kind enough to turn off our power while we were away at war. (You think itís hard remembering to pay one set of bills) So anyway my coming home present on that hot august day was no power, and a certain indescribable reek coming from the kitchen.

Like a damn fool I actually opened the fridge to ďseeĒ what a couple weeks without power in 100 degree weather would do the once chilly contents of my fridge.

Hell has nothing on the stench that exploded out of my fridge.

Shrimp, salmon, steaks, something that was once in a plastic container and had now become an oozing puddle of fetid black slime, and the dairy products, which didnít even register with the total cacophony of hellish odor that was emanating from my fridge.

I closed the door.

I suited up like a MOP 4 drill.

I wheeled the fridge outside and hooked up the hose.

It took a few hours of rigorous cleaning. But eventually I got the thing clean and sweet smelling.

Then I let it dry* closed it up loaded it in the trailer and moved it up here where it lived in our garage for a year or so.

*Apparently not dry enough

We had planned on moving our fridge in much earlier, but this place had one, it was in the back of the garage, Ö yadda yadda, but since we are now in the final stages of the move, and the landlord has people coming over tomorrow to fix the floor in the mud room, we decided to move everything in.

The fridge wasnít sweet smelling anymore. It was pretty moldy, and though it was no where near as bad as it was that hot August day, it still took a few hours of careful cleaning to sanitize every surface. I took everything apart, bleached the whole thing, dried it, let it run for a while with a dish of bleach in it, rinsed it again, dried it again, and finally wheeled it into place in our kitchen.

Where I then had to swap the door from side to side, a process that Iíve done many many times and usually requires six screws and a about five minutes of work.

Half an hour later I finally install the last screw, which by the way happens to be a center hole torx screw, if you donít know what that is, than Sears was correct in choosing that design to foil Joe average form missing the opportunity to have Sears come do a service call on his fridge just to change the handle.

But the fridge is CLEAN, all the food is back in, and the kitchen looks much nicer now.

If something like that ever happens to us againÖ

ÖIím slapping a biohazard sticker in the old one and buying a new fridge

That is why I was unloading the trailer, at 1:00 am, in the rain.


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